Key HR & Business Priorities for 2021 and Beyond – 25/01/2021

In this newsletter rather than focus on what the 2021 “trends” are, we are focusing on 2021 “priorities”.

Business overall and how and where we worked as we knew it changed overnight with the pandemic and the “normal” of pre-March 2020 is a distant memory. Some organisations have welcomed the “new normal” as their technology acceleration has been positive, and their business has had substantial growth. For other businesses, it certainly has not been a positive year.

In this newsletter rather than focus on what the 2021 “trends” are, we are focusing on 2021 “priorities”.

Business leaders have had to be agile in creating new business models and ways of working, accelerating digital transformation initiatives to deliver its products and services.

Other areas of the business such as productivity, flexibility, critical skills of your workforce, operational management of staff, leadership, recruitment, learning and development are further areas that require review, strategy and implementation.

There are of course other considerations that form part of this overall refocus and strategy:

Do your staff have the critical skills and competencies needed or is there a need to reskill/upskill?

If you require other skills within the business to deliver your adapted business model will you build it from internal staff or buy the skill set externally?

Do you require the same headcount in certain areas of the business?

How will you manage, motivate and mentor your staff working in a remote or hybrid environment if this is part of the adapted business model, and consider other impacts such as financial, technology security?

How do you ensure that you create and deliver a continuing positive employee experience?

How to establish a working balance that meets the needs and life challenges of your workforce?

Returning your staff to the workplace safely after lockdown restrictions are lifted and consider H&S changes for a new working environment.

At Black Mountain we want to work with you as a trusted partner to help align the priorities that affect your current and future business model. We will therefore be sending out a short online questionnaire in the next week inviting you to identify core areas that are priorities for your organisation which we can then assist with. These areas may include H&S, employee engagement, wellbeing, learning and development, leadership, restructuring, flexible working remote or hybrid, recruitment, inclusion and diversity.

All we ask if for you to take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire, and once received the team at Black Mountain will analyse all responses to identify collective feedback which we can share, as well as client specific priorities. We can then contact you to discuss further and work with you on the strategy and delivery of your 2021 priorities.

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