Our Singapore team are Payroll and HR professionals rather than just data processors so, providing personalised guidance and support. Client’s data inputs and outputs are flexibly managed to fit in with the way they work rather than providing rigid frameworks. 

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Bookkeeping, Company Insurance, Company Secretarial, Company Set Up, Policies & Contracts, Work Visas


Global Payroll System, Payroll Management

People & HR

Co-Employment (PEO), HR Administration, HR Advisory, On-Site Staffing, Recruitment, Learning & Development


Absence Management, Benefits Outsourcing, Employee Benefits, Employee Wellbeing


Cloud HR System, Expense Management, Performance Appraisal, Timesheets




Producing monthly, quarterly and annual financial management accounts and financial reports in a format agreed with the client so that information can be seamlessly added into their overseas financial management system. We produce reports the way you want them. Completing monthly, quarterly and annual management accounts ready for the statutory annual “Profits Tax Return” submission. Coordinating end of year audit by a cost effective independent Auditor and then filling the “Profits Tax Return”. 

As a one stop solution provider we can easily integrate payroll  and statutory employer expense information into the management accounts. Improving accuracy, saving time and reducing costs.

• Set up a chart of accounts in an online accounts system

• Logging and storing all transaction records in accounting system

Company Insurance


In the first instance, Black Mountain Insurance Brokers Limited (BMIBL) would obtain quotations from all of the main risk insurers who provide the relevant insurance to gauge the cost of each benefit and allow you to make decisions on what benefits are required. 


• Obtain quotations from various risk insurers for the annual insurance renewal

• Review insurance renewal policies to make sure all terms and conditions are correct

Company Secretarial


It is a requirement in Singapore that each company must have a company secretary and that the Company Secretary must be a Singapore based company or a private resident in Singapore. The Company Secretary cannot be the sole Director. Below is some key features of company secretarial responsibilities for the business in Singapore and Black Mountain can provide all services ensuring complete compliance with all legislative requirements.

Below are the tasks that Black Mountain will complete whilst undertaking the Company Secretarial service for your company in Singapore. If you wish to have a better understanding of how we can help, please get in touch.

• Representation: Acting as your corporate Company Secretary on all statutory matters

Company Set Up


Pursuant to the Companies Law, a Singapore company needs one company secretary, at least one director and at least one shareholder and have a physical Singapore address.  The director and shareholder can be the same person. Directors and shareholders in a Singapore company can either be an individual or a corporation. A director or shareholder can be any nationality however one director must be a Singapore resident. The company secretary must be a Singapore resident or a Singapore incorporated company. 

Black Mountain can act as your company secretary, provide a registered office address and manage the whole company set up process from start to finish on your behalf.

• Advising and managing the information and documentation gathering needed for set up

• Company name search and filing name with the Singapore Registrar of Companies

• Preparation of all Incorporation documents, registering the company  & obtaining the certificate of incorporation

• Registering for GST if applicable based on turnover projections or business model

Work Visas


Black Mountain have more than 20 years’ experience in the field of recruitment in Singapore and in addition to providing visa services for our clients, we are also entrusted by globally leading consultancies to do the work on their behalf. 

In Singapore the employer must demonstrate that they have tried to get a local but cannot find one with the requisite  skills or knowledge. Needing company specific skills make it easier to relocate employees from other locations. The Employee must be able to provide evidence that they have the requisite skills/knowledge/qualifications.

Black Mountain will manage the whole process. A few key features of our services are found below:

• Managing all the administration and processes in obtaining employment visas and dependent visas for expatriate employees and their family

• Ensuring any policy changes from the Singapore Immigration Department are always factored into applications and ensuring compliance


Global Payroll System


Our chosen global payroll system is simple, smart and secure. It will connect and integrate all your local payrolls in one common global platform. Streamlining and automating processes. Strengthening oversight and controls. Creating unparalleled data access and visibility.


This system is designed to support and inter-operate with any local payroll solution, so you can keep your existing vendor or swap in any new local payroll solution, while benefiting from the integration, automation, management controls and compliance that our Global Payroll System has to offer.


Below are some of the key benefits of adopting this software:

• Less Risk

• Lower Cost

• More Flexibility

• Fast Implementation

Payroll Management


Payroll can come with interesting challenges that are time-consuming as you ensure your computations are correct. Black Mountain offers a flexible payroll outsourcing service in Singapore so that you can retain control of your payroll function to suit your business. With experienced payroll professionals on hand, you can be sure that your payroll is in safe hands, as well as being compliant with up-to-date Government and payroll legislation.


• Use a local PC based compliant payroll management system to keep employee data

People & HR

Co-Employment (PEO)


Black Mountain provides a service that is tailored to any client requirements in Singapore. The following is a list of key tasks that are usually provided by Black Mountain as part of a PEO solution.


• Drafting the contract of employment for the contract staff ensuring Singapore compliance and then agreeing the final version subject to authorization from the client

• On boarding the staff and making sure they are aware of Black Mountains and the clients’ role in their engagement

HR Administration

Black Mountain offers a flexible range of outsourced HR solutions in Singapore, designed to fit the needs of your business, from fully outsourced HR support to software applications and HR. Black Mountain have an expert team local to Singapore who are ready to help you with all your HR needs. We can provide all the services that a leading company in-house HR department would offer.  In effect we can become a client’s HR department but on an outsourced, fraction of the cost effective basis.

• Ongoing monitoring and implementation of HR policies to ensure compliance with Singapore employment legislation such as: maximum working week legislation, annual leave policy, maternity leave, child care leave, national service make up pay, CPF refunds

• Managing Singapore withholding tax implications and ensuring compliance

• Working with your standard staff handbook or HR policies and factoring in compliance with Singapore employment legislation plus agreed cultural policy changes on your  behalf to produce Singapore  specific staff handbook

• A dedicated payroll & HR manager, located in our Singapore office that can be contacted by email or telephone to offer advice or deal with any HR or payroll queries from new employees or company management

HR Advisory


We shall take care of all your HR Advisory needs and provide advice to ensure statutory compliance with Singapore Employer regulations both now and at all times as things may change. Black Mountain will advise of market trends and what is needed to be market competitive in recruiting, motivating and retaining staff.

• Making recommendations on appropriate leave strategy and practice

• Communicating any relevant changes in status of the employee, leavers and new starters  to the Singapore Inland Revenue department

On-Site Staffing

Below are some of the key features of our On-Site Staffing service in Singapore. For a full breakdown of how this service can benefit you, please go to the Contact Us page and get in touch.


• Manpower plan developed including mix of skill sets, timescales, training, reporting structure

• All employer administration, social security, tax and statutory filing handled by Black Mountain



Black Mountain leverages its HR expertise on behalf of it’s clients to keep their recruitment costs down by providing recruitment services on a fixed fee basis rather than a percentage of salary.  We charge for the work we do, not for work based on the pay levels of the staff being recruited.

For the Singapore market where there are over 50 newspapers, a plethora of recruitment agencies and job boards, we use the most appropriate route to recruit, balancing high candidate quality with a cost effective solution.

• Review job specification, advise on the cultural factors affecting choice of job title, renumeration and design recruitment campaign

• Assist with development and timely posting of job advertisements on relevant media, networks and dealing directly with recruitment channels on client’s behalf


Benefits Outsourcing

Below are some of the key features of Black Mountain’s ‘Benefits Outsourcing’ service:


• Provide a fully outsourced audit of benefits provision and design for companies with an acquisitive history or fast growth

• Report or support you in untangling benefits provision, understanding contractual promises and auditing the practices, solutions and design of benefits

Employee Benefits

Black Mountain has high level benefits consultants with big organisation experience whose clients include the Bank of England, Financial Times, and Amazon to name a few. However, we are not a huge organisation so we  can provide a streamlined, cost effective and high touch service to our clients. In short we offer big company expertise but with more flexibility and support for clients and at a more cost effect rate.

Employee Wellbeing


Below are some key features of our Employee Wellbeing service, highlighting how it can benefit your organisation.

• We can help with using technology to track and report on the efficiency of each element of a wellbeing programme

• Black Mountain can advise and guide you on which of the myriad of solutions will work best to meet your company’s objectives

• Black Mountain can tailor a targeted plan to help support initiatives that are working and build in new solutions

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Cloud HR System


With so many choices and varying prices, it can be near impossible to know which Cloud HR System works for you. Black Mountain remove this headache by looking through our trusted partners to find the best HR solution for your organisation.


With systems which can be used to manage your employee HR data across multiple countries in one system, facilitating head office access to see all records, leave, sickness, HR details and much more, all in one cloud based system.


Below are just some of the benefits you can expect to gain from Black Mountain assisting you with your Cloud HR System:


Data Security

Acting as a HR intranet for your staff, our system has a secure online login through encrypted password credentials. An easily updated platform for hosting all company policies and any related forms staff may need



A secure & structured database for all employee personnel files accessible by smart phone, iPhone, tablet Mac or PC through a single sign-on functionality. Provides your employees with an international standard of HR delivery, wherever their location

Customer Support

One-to-one key administrator training on how to use the system, a thorough user guide, help videos and telephone & email helplines


Expense Management

An online expense management system is a secure expense management system with powerful, unique features created purely to make your organisation’s expense management effortless for any sized organisation; large or small. Below are some of the key benefits you can expect to see should you adopt one of our selected Expense Management Systems:

Setting Budgets

Set limits for your employees or departments so they don’t go over set expenditure budgets

Custom Approval Hierarchy

Set custom approval hierarchies to allow multiple approval levels to suit any organisational structure

Customer Support

All of our chosen Expense Management Systems are supported by Android, iOS, Mac and PC. Use the mobile app or desktop version to create or approve your expenses


Performance Appraisal

When employee performance appraisals only happen once a year, it’s tough to make them accurate and meaningful. Our selected performance appraisal software cuts to the heart of effective performance management, using a few brief questions that encourage action while limiting subjectivity and speculation. The result? Higher engagement, more accurate reflections of employee performance, and more chances to address problems in the moment instead of six months from now.

Below are some of the key benefits of adopting this software:

Understand Your Employees

Help managers understand when, where, and how to help their people, we’ve created employee performance reports. They’re a simple, visual way to compare performance and engagement individually, by department, and across the entire company.

Grow Performance
51 percent of employees prefer to receive feedback as they complete projects or through one-on-one meetings with their managers. Employees and managers can set and track multiple goals right inside our performance appraisal software.
Analyse Performance Data
Do you know how each department sees your company, which teams feel most valued, or how and why your performance has changed over time? Company performance reporting can tell you.


When employee performance appraisals only happen once a year, it’s tough to make them accurate and meaningful. Our selected performance appraisal software cuts to the heart of effective performance management, using a few brief questions that encourage action while limiting subjectivity and speculation. The result? Higher engagement, more accurate reflections of employee performance, and more chances to address problems in the moment instead of six months from now.

Below are some of the key benefits of adopting this software:

Record Hours
Ditch messy paper timesheets. Employees simply clock in and out of work via Deputy, and our software creates an accurate digital timesheet.
Verify Timesheets
Make sure staff are in the right place at the right time. Your team can verify their timesheets with a GPS location stamp or facial recognition
Approve & Export
Reduce the admin in your life. Managers can approve timesheets individually or in bulk. And it only takes one tap to export timesheets to your payroll software.

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