Overseas Employment Services

Black Mountain specialises in facilitating overseas employment by registering companies with local authorities, enabling individuals to pursue overseas recruitment and work under an overseas contract in a specified country. As the individual operates under the chosen countries legislation, the overseas employer must ensure strict adherence to local legislations and mandatory HR policies. 

Black Mountain's Overseas Employment Solution. Employer of Record

Overseas Employment Services

Black Mountain facilitates the registration of overseas companies with local authorities, allowing individuals to work in their chosen country under overseas employment contracts. After the overseas company shares gross pay information with Black Mountain, we handle the computation of employee tax and social security contributions.

To streamline the process, the client transfers a single monthly payment to Black Mountain’s secure client Trust bank account. Subsequently, Black Mountain takes charge of disbursing the salary, paying taxes, and managing social security payments on behalf of the overseas employer.

Benefits of Overseas Employment Services

Save Money

There are money savings with the overseas employment option. In some locations, there are tax benefits of this employment service, for example, in the UK you can save 13.8% in National Insurance tax

Save Time

There are many administrative tasks that all organisations have to complete. With Black Mountain's support, we streamline and simplify administrative tasks, eliminating the need for annual company filings, bookkeeping, financial returns, and audits.

Integrated Services

With our end-to-end service scope, Black Mountain can help manage all Payroll processing, Payroll filing, HR compliance and GDPR compliance, also provide HR Employee relations, salary and benefits advice

"Black Mountain's solution-centric approach has helped us navigate in the regulated environment. They have a strong partnership mindset and capacity which allows going extra miles in supporting client needs"

Pawan Kumar Jain, Vice President HR, Arise P&L Ltd

Employee Spotlight

Black Mountain Group Managing Director Graham Corner
Graham Corner
Chief Operating Officer

Why Overseas Employment?

So what are the benefits of Overseas Employment services and is it right for you? As you now know, Black Mountain aim to save you time, reduce risk and ultimately make your organisation more efficient. But how is this done?

Our Overseas Employment service is designed for your convenience. From registering overseas employers to established payroll systems and offering continuous HR advice, we ensure compliance with local regulations and uphold robust data security measures. If you’re interested in exploring how we can support your employment needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by using the button below. 

Employee Benefits

Why stop at Employment services?

Black Mountain specialises in a “One Stop Solution” service to help streamline your business, not only with Employment services, but also with HR ServicesPayrollTechnologyEmployee Benefits and much more. 

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