Learning & Development Training

A clear Learning & Development approach can act as a roadmap for employees, guiding them towards achieving career aspirations, personal development goals. Additionally, it equips companies with the tools to identify pivotal roles and cultivate talent, bridging skill gaps and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation

L&D Training Overview

Unlock the potential of your workforce with Black Mountain’s comprehensive Learning & Development (L&D) training solutions. Whether you aim to nurture existing talent or minimise recruitment costs by reducing reliance on external hires, our team is here to guide you. We collaborate closely with your organisation to conduct precise training needs analyses, identifying areas for upskilling and growth among your current and future employees.

Our diverse range of training programs is tailored to address these needs, ensuring that your workforce is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. 

Our Range of L&D Training Courses

Performance Management

Employee Engagement

Mental Health & Wellbeing

HR for Supervisors

Absence Management

Onboarding & Recruitment

Disciplinary & Grievance

Holding Difficult Coversations

Recruitment of skilled employees is becoming increasingly difficult and businesses are now returning to up-skilling of their current employees to ensure that they have the relevant up to date skills going forward in an uncertain employment arena.

Employee Spotlight

Stephanie Slade
Stephanie Slade
HR Manager, UK

Why choose Black Mountain?

Significant and extensive knowledge in a wide range of businesses including the not for profit, private and public sectors. A range of HR professionals with specialisms in employment relations, employment engagement and employment law.

In the age of increased automation and smart tools performing job-related tasks, what’s important now is soft skills. Highly-transferable skills like leadership, communication and collaboration that are key to driving businesses forward and leveraging the opportunities presented by new technologies.

Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits

Why stop at L&D Training?

Black Mountain specialises in a “One Stop Solution” service to help streamline your business, not only with HR Services, but also with PayrollTechnologyEmployee Benefits and much more. 

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