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Our Global Mobility Overview

Black Mountain simplifies international growth with our comprehensive Global Mobility Services. Our solutions include Employer of Record (EOR), Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), and Agent of Record (AOR) services. 

With our expertise and a global network, we help organisations navigate international employment, compliance, and workforce management. Whether expanding into new markets or managing a global workforce, our dedicated team offers tailored support at every step.

Employer of Record (EOR)

Our Employer of Record (EOR) service allows Black Mountain to take on all the employer responsibilities such as payroll, statutory tax and social security obligations, employer insurances, and compliance with statutory employment legislation.

We work with the client to structure the employment contract according to their preferences (with some local market guidance from us) and the contract states that the employee will be seconded to work for the client.

Employer of Record. EOR. PEO

Save Time

Black Mountain streamlines your organisation's operations through our Employer of Record (EOR) Service, efficiently managing all administrative and compliance obligations, enabling you to reclaim valuable time and resources

People Focussed

Black Mountain offers comprehensive HR advice, encompassing tailored guidance on local market practices, expert employee relations, and dedicated support from our local payroll and HR specialists, ensuring employees receive unparalleled assistance

Reduce Risk

Our Employer of Record service, leverages industry knowledge and local expertise to mitigate risk effectively. Our solution is not only highly efficient and compliant but also offers a cost-effective means to manage your workforce seamlessly.

EOR clients

Some of the more recognisable clients we have helped
Employer of Record

Professional Employer Organisation (PEO)

With our Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) solution, we become the employer of record for your employees, providing HR services such as payroll processing, tax compliance, benefits administration, and risk management, among others. 

This frees up your time and resources to focus on your core business operations while still ensuring your employees receive high-quality HR support. We work with you to customise our PEO solution to fit your specific needs and goals, helping you to streamline HR processes, improve compliance, and ultimately, drive business success. 

Save Time

Black Mountain's Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) service is designed to save you time by handling all administrative and compliance tasks associated with HR, allowing you to focus on your core business operations

Enhanced Expertise

Black Mountain delivers specialised HR advice tailored to your organisation's needs, encompassing local market insights, personalised guidance on employee relations, and robust support from our local HR team.

Reduce Risk

Black Mountain ensures that businesses remain compliant with ever-changing employment laws and regulations. Providing resources to business that do not have the time to stay up to date with laws.

Why stop at Employment services?

Black Mountain specialises in a “One Stop Solution” service to help streamline your business, not only with Employment services, but also with HR ServicesPayrollTechnologyEmployee Benefits and much more. 

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