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Black Mountain Insurance Brokers (BMIB) offers a range of insurance services and stands as a trusted advisor to employers, offering a comprehensive spectrum of employee-centric solutions in Hong Kong. Our specialised services cover Group Health Insurance, Group Life & Critical Illness, Travel Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Cyber Insurance, Directors & Officers Insurance and MPF. Ensuring you seamlessly attract and retain the best talent by elevating your talent pool with our tailored insurance services in Hong Kong.

A Trusted Provider in, Hong Kong

Black Mountain's hong kong insurance brokers offer a wide range of insurance services, from Cyber Insurance, MPF to Group Health and Group Life & Critical Illness.

Tailored Insurance Solutions

At Black Mountain, we understand that each business is unique, facing its own set of challenges and opportunities. Our expert Hong Kong Insurance Brokers collaborate closely with you to identify and address your specific insurance needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage that aligns seamlessly with your business objectives. With our tailored solutions, you can navigate uncertainties confidently, knowing that your business is protected by insurance designed with your success in mind. 

Black Mountain offers a range of comprehensive Insurance Solutions in Hong Kong. Get in touch today, to find out how we can help you and your employees in hong kong

Group Protection Services

Discover peace of mind with our comprehensive Group Protection Services designed to safeguard the well-being of your team. From Group Health plans ensuring quality healthcare access, to Group Life & Critical Illness coverage for financial protection during life’s challenges, and seamless Group Travel Insurance supporting your team wherever business or adventure calls. With our tailored solutions, you prioritise the health and security of your group, fostering a resilient and protected community.

Group Health Insurance

Black Mountain's Group Health Insurance ensures comprehensive and reliable coverage, prioritising the well-being of your employees

Group Life & Critical Illness

Black Mountain's Group Life & Critical Illness insurance, provides robust protection, offering financial security for employees and their families.

Group Travel Insurance

Black Mountain's Group Travel Insurance handles the complexities, freeing you to focus on seamless journeys, prioritising the safety and well-being of your team

Integrated Risk Management Solutions

Our Integrated Risk Management Solutions, offer a holistic approach to safeguarding your business. From Cyber Insurance shielding against digital threats to Directors & Officers Insurance securing leadership, coupled with Employee Retirement Benefits through MPF, and Professional Indemnity Insurance guarding against professional liabilities. Our comprehensive suite ensures that your organization is fortified against diverse challenges, empowering you to navigate uncertainties with confidence and focus on your core objectives

Cyber Insurance

Black Mountain provide tailored coverage against cyber threats in Hong Kong, including data breaches and ransomware. Our proactive approach involves risk assessments, custom mitigation, and 24/7 incident response report, ensuring continuous monitoring to keep clients informed about evolving cyber risks.

Directors & Officers Insurance

Black Mountain offer precision-targeted coverage for executives, fortifying them against legal and financial repercussions. Our commitment to comprehensive defence is upheld through fast incident response and strategic employee training aimed at minimising liabilities.


Black Mountain specialises in optimising MPF solutions in Hong Kong, offering tailored contributions, efficient fund management, and personalised advisory services. Our expertise ensures a seamless journey towards securing a robust retirement foundation.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Black Mountain's comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance safeguards professionals from financial losses that are caused due to negligence claims. Our tailored solutions and dedicated support in Hong Kong provides a robust defence for your professional reputation and financial well-being.

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What can we help you with?

We focus in curating insurance solutions to motivate staff retention and provide protection for your company’s assets, offering insights on necessary risk coverages, ensuring your business is comprehensively safeguarded in Hong Kong.

We streamline administration and claims processing by directly communicating with insurance companies in Hong Kong, ensuring efficient operations that save time and costs for your business.

We benchmark your insurance coverage against industry standards, uncovering insights and optimising opportunities. By comparing policies within your sector, we ensure your coverage is competitive and aligned with best practices.

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