Employee Benefits Platform

We are passionate about providing our clients with access to an Employee Benefits Portal that improves their employee benefits package and enhances our clients’ offering to their employees. 

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Employee Benefits Portal

Black Mountain’s Benefits team specialises in the seamless implementation of an Employee Benefits Portal, designed to not only enhance your employee benefits package but also to elevate our overall benefits experience for your workforce. 

Through this portal, you and your employees will gain access to a multitude of perks, including improved communication of company benefits, access to exclusive lifestyle discounts and savings, and much more.

Voluntary Benefits

Offer employees sought after voluntary benefits through corporate arrangements available through salary deduction

Lifestyle Savings

Give employees access to a portal which provides lifestyle discounts and savings to enhance their day-to-day life

Empower Your Workforce

Support employees' learning with access to thousands of online learning modules to help them maintain motivation

Why invest in a Benefits Portal?

Black Mountain Benefits Consultancy provides advice on employee benefits as well as offering our employee wellbeing and online employee benefits platform to employers of all sizes.

An online Employee Benefits Portal provides a portal which can be branded to your organisation’s branding which communicate key employer funding benefits online as well as offers employees sought after voluntary benefits through corporate arrangements available through salary deduction and a a Benefits Summary.

There are different options available at different prices. Like all of our services, we offer suitable solutions for both small and large organisations. Use the button below to book a demo to find out more.

Employee Benefits
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Why stop at Benefits Technology?

Black Mountain specialises in a “One Stop Solution” service to help streamline your business, not only with Technology, but also with HR ServicesPayrollEmployee Benefits and much more. 

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