How we do it

Our “Black Mountain Way” approach emphasises seamless collaboration among our local and specialist teams. Together, we optimise your business processes, crafting tailored solutions that prioritise you and your team. Let us help you achieve your success goals with a personalised approach that puts you and your people first.

Continuity & Experience

At Black Mountain, we have curated expert teams for each of our services – Payroll, HR, Benefits, Technology, and Corporate. These dedicated teams all interlink and communicate both internally and with our clients in a consistent, Black Mountain Way. This can be defined as follows:


Our experienced professionals will ensure a consistent quality of service with high levels of accuracy, whilst at all times being responsive. We detail how we operate with our clients and commit to service level agreements across all of our services

Seamless Communication

Although we offer flexibility in how our clients communicate with us, we also make sure that communication between teams and locations is seamless. Our aim is simple: to reduce administration, use technology and data effectively and in turn, look for time and cost savings

Surprisingly Easy

We understand the efficiencies that can be generated from utilising the range of services we offer and using technology to streamline our services. What we want to ensure whilst doing this, is to make it as easy as possible for both our clients and their employees to interact with us.

Black Mountain Teams

At Black Mountain, we believe in personalised solutions tailored to your needs, rather than a generic approach. Unlike a typical call centre, we prioritise building relationships with our clients. We want you to know your team personally. That’s why we provide each client, regardless of their size or complexity, with a dedicated Account Manager and backup support. Behind them are seasoned specialists who not only possess relevant experience but also understand the unique requirements of your business.

Employee Benefits

Single Location

If we only service one location, clients will still gain access to a dedicated member of our team, so they truly get to know the clients' business. In addition to lead account managers, there is always a team that have specialist expertise to ensure there is never any break in service due to sickness or holidays.

Multi Location

If we service multiple locations, clients will have the option to use our “One Stop Solution” approach. Our clients will have an Executive Account Manager who will be responsible for making sure our services are delivered in all locations in the way clients want and in the time zone that works for them. This account executive will be backed up by local account managers in each location.

Global Solution

For Global Solutions we are able to help - we cover over 120 different countries in our wholly owned, joint venture and partner network. Using our multi-location and regional teams approach we can make sure clients receive consistent service as well as the ability to implement and manage Global technology solutions.

Best in breed solutions for payroll hr corporate benefits

Best in Breed

With Cloud HR Technology becoming more integral to the core of any organisation, we have made the conscious decision to adopt and implement it into our operations both internally and through our “Best in Breed” philosophy – we source and use only the best technology solutions on the market.

Our teams work closely with technology solutions and utilise it to generate efficiencies for you, the client. This allows Black Mountain to create maximum benefits for all of our clients and provide you with an affordable rate whilst still providing a high level of service.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Black Mountain adopted a strict vetting procedure to ensure that any third party software used is subject to strict data control. We ensure they adhere to the most stringent global data protection laws.

Cloud Systems

Using the best Cloud Systems available, we create maximum efficiencies with seamless data transfer between systems and departments.

Reduction in Risk

Your data never needs to leave the Cloud. In addition, Black Mountain has processes in place to manage and track the use of client data. Our account teams communicate seamlessly and securely meaning there is no risk with client data being lost or compromised.

What this means for our clients...

So how does this benefit our clients? With our extensive service coverage, integrated solutions, local and innovative workforce, we are able to provide our gold standard, quality service as if we were your in-house team. With clients seeing efficiencies in their organisations which in-turn generates cost savings.

Over the past 25 years, we have been working on a way to make outsourced solutions seamless, easy and efficient. We have learned offering multiple services and becoming a “One Stop Solution” not only helps clients sustainably grow their internal support functions, but also cuts costs and helps manage workloads.

Workload Savings

Small admin tasks which are not completed every day, always need some extra time to refocus and remember how things are done. With Black Mountain taking over these tasks, there is a surprisingly large part of a day that is saved.

Time Savings

Our teams do the support work for our clients and reduce the time they take dealing with menial tasks.

Cost Savings

Using specialist staff means things are completed quicker and this generates efficiencies. When comparing what we charge against what the cost would be to hire staff, many of our clients see cost savings and noting higher levels of expertise.

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