Coronavirus (COVID-19) – 14/01/2021

We therefore felt that some clarity around considerations that you, as employers, may need to take in relation to your employees and may assist you at the current time especially considering the rapid spread of the current virus variant.

UK: 02/12/2020 Christmas Furlough HMRC Update

Last night 1 December, HMRC issued a number of amendments to their on-line documents relating to furlough, mainly to remove out of date information relating to the scheme prior to 1 November.

Global Payroll 2021

Do you have direct access to in-country payroll experts if questions come up?

UK: Employees working from home – what you need to know

…it is important to ensure that as employers you provide a continuing safe and secure working environment, and also employees are aware of their obligations around working from home, or are now asking their employer a number of various questions.