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Our range of services means that we offer clients the streamlined benefits of a “One Stop Solution” for a range of guidance, compliance and back office administrative functions.

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One stop solution

We can provide our “One Stop Solution” in a single or multiple number of locations. By supporting companies and ensuring they meet statutory compliance with all employment and business entity legislation we are not only allowing them to focus on their income generating activities but also providing advice around best practice in a market sector or specific location.



People & HR




Company Set Up

The process of setting up a Company can be easy or complicated based on the location. Whether this done, or require a lot of hard copy forms and multiple applications, Black Mountain can assist with completing all the administration to get companies set up as quickly as possible.

Company Secretary

The regulations and requirements for a Company Secretary also differ by location, if they are needed at all. Black Mountain ensures our clients are compliant with statutory and legal requirements as well as documenting any changes to directors, shareholders and the registered address. Our experienced in-country Company Secretarial staff will make sure our clients are fully compliant and can provide local advice


Other Company Compliance Services we can offer include providing a Registered Office, assistance with setting up a Bank Account and the provision of a Nominee Director.



Our in-Country Bookkeeping teams make sure our clients  accounts are kept up to date and available on Cloud based technology. We work with Clients to set up your chart of accounts and then deliver the monthly management reporting and assisting with auditors when clarification is needed. 

Outside of Bookkeeping other  on-going corporate services include, Treasury services and Health and Safety advice and support

corporate services


Local Expertise

Payroll is an essential business function, which can come with interesting challenges depending on the rules and regulations of the location. In some countries the whole process is digital whereas others still have time-consuming manual declarations and reporting. 


Black Mountain believes there is no better way than providing this service in-country, so with our experienced payroll professionals you can be sure that your payroll is in safe hands as well as being compliant with up-to-date tax and employee legislation.


Although there are many technology solutions available for payroll, Black Mountain is aware that for some companies they are not able to fully take on this approach. We therefore offer full flexibility with our service and agree to take payroll input information in any form that works for our clients, including old fashioned paper. 


For clients who are ready to embrace technology, our “Best in Breed” approach to sourcing, implementing and managing software will help make sure that their payroll process is part of their overall technology solution. 

For all of our clients we agree a monthly processing time line to make sure staff get paid on time but where possible are flexible and accommodate changes and payroll reprocessing at no extra charge

Global Reach

When payroll is required in multiple locations it makes sense to be able to use a common methodology for the gathering of information and reporting. Black Mountain believes there is no better way to deliver payroll than through a local people and systems, however we also believe that there is no reason why multiple locations cannot report in a common unified manner. Using technology solutions we are able to bring payroll from all locations on to a single platform to allow regional or global managers to easily see what is happening in all of their locations.

People & HR

HR Administration

Whether a company is large or small, in one location or many, we manage the administrative tasks to the same high standards. Giving even the smallest of companies the feeling that they have an in house HR team. Taking away these time consuming HR tasks frees up our client and their managers time so they can focus on the income generating side of their business.

For large companies that still retain an HR department we aim to be seen as just part of that team but allow HR managers time to spend on more strategic, supportive and added value HR tasks and initiatives and in most cases offer significant cost savings. We provide an in-country dedicated account manager to a client’s business so that they build up a strong knowledge of how things are done and develop a supportive relationship.

HR Advisory

As well as providing administration services to ensure our clients meet their statutory compliance requirements, Black Mountain is able to provide additional HR advice, knowledge or even on site expertise as it is needed. Through our support services we can provide advice on market trends and what is needed to be market competitive in recruiting, motivating and retaining staff.

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Black Mountain’s independent benefits consultants have large, as well as small company experience. All our clients are treated in the same way, local experts giving advice that works for both local and global organisations. Our quality staff ensure Black Mountain provide a streamlined, cost-effective and high touch service to all our clients. In short we offer big company expertise but with more flexibility and support for our clients priced on a very cost-effective basis.


Our Benefits Advice as well as Benefits Administration is supported through the use of technology, ensuring your benefits package is fully understood by employees, helping to make sure the money clients spend does help recruit, retain and motivate employees.


Black Mountain offers the use of Benefits Technology that shows our clients as modern, forward thinking, innovative & caring employers. This coupled with independent advice from Benefits experts who understand our concept of Local Expertise with Global Reach means our clients have access to some of the best advice and administration there is available. Our Benefits Consultants are fully part of our account teams not just addons giving our clients a true One Stop Solution.



Our advice is focused on market or location practices utilizing the best providers in that market so that we are providing a truly independent service. As a broker we work for our clients, not the insurance providers. 


By integrating our benefit services with our HR and payroll services  we will also be fully aware when employees qualify for additional benefits through marriage, birth of dependents or by promotions or service length. 

employee benefits

Some of the most popular Employee Benefits we set up for clients:

Private Medical

Dental Insurance

Travel Insurance

Life Assurance

To learn about the full extent our benefits portal can provide to you and your employees, use the button below to get in touch!


Black Mountain has made the conscious decision not to be Company that insists you have to use any particular technology solution. We saw that in many areas the technology available was superb but most seemed to have some part that didn’t quite make the grade and that if we developed our own it may not be right for all of our clients. We therefore embarked on our “Best in Breed” philosophy. Looking for and integrating the best solutions for different tasks, or agreeing to manage the existing technology our clients already have. 


The prime focus when looking for any technology solution is security, we deal with sensitive information so unless the technology solutions we work with meet the world’s most stringent data protection regulations we do not even consider it. After this we look at functionality and ease of use, understanding that all our clients were different so a good solution for a small local client might not be a great choice for a larger multinational client. With that in mind we make sure we are aware of and keep looking for new solutions to fit every area of our service.

Cloud HR

An HR solution will work as well for management as it does for the employees, encompassing all aspects of employee/leave data from recruitment through to getting the employee on board. 

Expense Management

A good expense system will have an easy to use mobile app, easy to set up reporting functions and be simple for the managers to approve and integrate with accounting and HR solutions


Black Mountains primary aim when sourcing payroll systems is to make sure overall that it is secure and reliable, data privacy cannot be compromised.  


A Benefits Portal should provide not only details of their benefits, but the cost of those benefits to their employer as well as the ability to upgrade or flex the benefits. 

technology solutions

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