People & HR

Our People & HR Service

Black Mountain provides in-country dedicated HR teams to support our client’s business so we can ensure we are able to provide relevant HR advice with local expertise and knowledge as well as on site help. 

Our unique and flexible approach to HR administration and Advice means we are always able to tailor our services to meet our clients needs.

HR Administration

Whether a company is large or small, in one location or many, we manage the administrative tasks to the same high standards. Giving even the smallest of companies the feeling that they have an in house HR team. Taking away these time consuming HR tasks frees up our client and their managers time so they can focus on the income generating side of their business.

HR Advice

As well as providing administration services to ensure our clients meet their statutory compliance as an employer, Black Mountain is also able to provide additional HR advice, knowledge or even on site expertise as it is needed. Through our support services, we can provide advice on market trends and what is needed to be market competitive in recruiting, how to motivate and retain staff as well as what you should do in certain circumstances – advising when you might need the services of an HR lawyer. 

HR Projects

Most of our work is done away from our clients offices, however, sometimes there is a need for some on-site support. If you need additional support at your office or support on-site for some project work, we are able to help.

Employer of Record (EOR / PEO)

Sometimes it just does not make sense for a Company to set up an entity in a location, they are testing the water or might have a limited time project to complete but still need staff. Other companies go through global hiring freezes but locally there might be a need for more staff.

Black Mountain is able to offer an employer of record service or sometimes referred to as Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) in most of our locations. Your staff sit on our books but they work for you, we take care of all the employment regulations and make sure they are paid you get access to a new location or additional staff.

How we do it

For new Companies we can make sure all the necessary steps are taken to make employing people easier. For established Companies through an initial HR Health-Check we provide experienced, senior HR professionals who are able to look at what you currently do and make recommendations on how you might improve things. 


Our aim is to play a pivotal role in ensuring that all our clients regardless of size or location are able to deal efficiently and smoothly with their HR making it easier to attract, retain, motivate and support employees whilst meeting their corporate goals and legal obligations.

Ensure Compliancy

We ensure that your contracts, policies & procedures relevant, up to date and understood

Reliability Assured

Our experienced HR professionals applying a consistent approach to your business needs

Expert Advice

Qualified, HR professionals offering responsive, reliable advice and support by phone, email or face to face

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