Forthcoming Changes to Singapore Government Legislation

Black Mountain

1. CPF Effective 1 Sept 2023, the monthly salary ceiling will increase to $6,300. On 1 Jan 2024, it will rise further to $6,800. By 1 Jan 2025, the ceiling will hit $7,400, and by 1 Jan 2026, it will reach $8,000.                           […]

Singapore HR Update – March 2022

BREAKING NEWS 26-08-2021 End of The Adjusted Right to Work Checks Extended to 5 April 2022

COMPASS enables employers to select high-quality foreign professionals, while improving workforce diversity and building a strong Singaporean core. It is a transparent system that gives businesses greater clarity and certainty for manpower planning.

SINGAPORE: Covid-19 Update

Individuals who are caught refusing to wear a mask will be fined S$300 on their first offence, while those who flout the rule a second time will be fined S$1,000. Egregious cases will be prosecuted in court, he added.

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