Payroll Service in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, employer responsibilities are there to protect both you and your employees, which includes Hong Kong Ordinance. Navigating this can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Black Mountain’s payroll service is tailored to ease this burden, ensuring you save time and reduce stress, allowing you to concern

Payroll services in Hong Kong, Employment Ordinance

Payroll Overview

Black Mountain offers a flexible outsourced payroll service in Hong Kong that is tailored to each client’s unique requirements. We will ensure that payments are made accurately and on time, while maintaining a very high level of compliance and security.

Outsourcing payroll allows you to concentrate on managing and expanding your business, freeing up time and resources for other important roles and responsibilities. Click the button below to discover how we can support you. 

Payroll Service in Hong Kong

Black Mountain’s account teams and managers handle all of the complexities of the Hong Kong payroll for you, including: MPF calculations and remittance, tax reporting through the IR56 forms A, B, E,F and G, daily average and minimum wage calculations as well as the administration and reporting of rental reimbursement. These Hong Kong specific tasks and the main payroll work highlighted below are all provided as part of our all-inclusive payroll solution. 


Calculate employer and employee MPF contributions. Withhold employee MPF contributions. Deposit contributions with MPF trustees

Salary Transfer

Transfer net pay electronically to employees’ bank accounts. Deliver online or mobile phone e-pay slips to employees


Calculate gross-to-net pay. Perform quality-control checks – itemised payroll processing. Submit itemised payroll reports for client confirmation

Focusing on one’s core business can be difficult with constant HR & payroll routines that need to be taken care of. While you focus on your core business, we provide peace of mind.

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Why Outsource your Payroll?

To stay ahead of the competition, organisations not only need to be efficient and productive, but they also have to be agile and responsive to the local changes. Payroll outsourcing frees up your time, money and workforce to work on strategic decisions. 

Outsourcing your payroll service in Hong Kong to Black Mountain means you can access Black Mountain’s expertise in Hong Kong payroll and save money as you don’t need to recruit your own employee / department. Not only can you save money but you will save time and stress as you won’t have to worry about keeping up-to-date with local legislation changes.

Save Money

Tap in to Black Mountain’s expertise and save money in recruitment. Our payroll experts will act as your in-house payroll team

Save Time

Forget about the hassle of keeping up-to-date with the local legislation changes and focus on strategic business funtions

Stay Compliant

Our payroll experts are always aware of new changes to legislation and will always ensure your organisation remains compliant

"My dealings with all of Black Mountain's representatives from Payroll and Benefits are excellent."

Erlinda P. Amurao, CIGIA

Employee Spotlight

Pamela Lam
General Manager, Hong Kong

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