Corporate Social Responsibility

We continue to address our impact on the environment and we are committed to playing our part in building a more sustainable future.

Our Tree Planting Mission

Global warming is accompanied by environmental changes that threaten potential permanent degradation of natural habitats. 

To make an impact, we have teamed up with One Tree Planted to focus on our commitment to restoring the planet. Our pledge is to plant 10 trees in every location that we obtain a new client. 

Below you will be able to follow our progress to hitting our target goal of 1000 trees for the year

Our Planting Goal of 1000 Trees

Why are trees so important?

Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity.

The 6 pillars of reforestation; 

  • Air 
  • Water 
  • Biodiversity 
  • Social Impact 
  • Health 
  • Climate 


Bringing Our Values To Life

As a global company, Black Mountain is dedicated to having a transparent, flexible and sustainable approach when conducting business. We appreciate the importance of building long lasting relationships with our clients, employees, and the wider communities we work with. 

Our aim is to continue monitoring and improving our environmental, social and governance policies as we believe this is crucial to the long-term success of our business.

Carbon Footprint

To help us reduce our carbon footprint Black Mountain offer hybrid working for employees, this allows our employees to work from home instead of having to commute to the office.


Black Mountain actively work with 3 charities, Caplor Horizons, The Environmental Investigation Agency and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Alongside working with charties, Black Mountain employees are offered days off to enrol in charity fundraisers.

BCorp certified

BCorp aim to to redefine businesses for a force of good and ensure they play a leading role in positively impacting and transforming the global economy toward a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative system.

Active Charity Partnerships

Caplor Horizons

Working locally, nationally and internationally, Caplor support individuals, teams and organisations to strengthen their leadership, renew their strategy and improve their influence. In virtue of ensuring their effectiveness and sustainable future



The Bureau of Investigative Journalism focuses on in-depth, rigorous investigations that can make a real difference at a global, national or local level. Their motivation is to drive change, TBIJ go beyond just words on a page to work directly with those who can use what they reveal to make a difference in the world



The Environmental Investigation Agency focus on the decision-makers with the power to deliver change. They use a variety of approaches, tools and methods to influence them. These approaches can include investigations, direct advocacy, community-based work, and awareness-raising to galvanise broad public support

Our Projects

Sponsored Run
Luca raised
Food Bank
The Black Mountain Hereford team donated 30 packages to the local food bank
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Some Good Action Points for Businesses

Focusing on the Environmental impacts around us, consider doing more to practise environmental sustainability in your work place.
Business activities have a considerable carbon footprint, between office maintenance, printing, manufacturing and other labour processes.

Even minimal changes could reduce your company’s environmental impact, such as eliminating single-use plastics, using digital softwares instead of paper, or using timers for lights and heaters.

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