“The Insurance Brokerage industry is a vital player in the insurance market and is beneficial to both consumers and insurers. Insurance brokers provide impartial advice and expertise to consumers, both commercial and private, that want to purchase insurance. Brokers are able to explain the insurance process and match the client to the most suitable products.”

Source: IBIS WORLD market

  • We can run procurement for both private and public sector organisations

  • We can work on a fully outsourced basis or in partnership with in-house teams

  • Provide a fully outsourced audit of benefits provision and design for companies with an acquisitive history or fast growth

  • Report or support you in untangling benefits provision, understanding contractual promises and auditing the practices, solutions and design of benefits

  • Report includes advice on quantifying and mitigating risks, when it comes to employee benefits

  • Provide highly experienced staff to work in house on employee benefits projects, however long the time period