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A secure & structured database for all employee personnel files accessible by smart phone, iPhone, tablet Mac or PC. Single sign on functionality. Provides your employees with quick and easy access to the expense system, wherever they are.


​One-to-one key administrator training on how to use the system, a thorough user guide, help videos, telephone and email helplines.

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GDPR compliant & using physical barriers and network barriers to the highest level. The Black Mountain expense system is used by clients including banks and finance houses who have extremely robust security protocols.


Elimination of errors due to removing manual re-keying of data.

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Whatever the size of a business and wherever it’s based, handling employee data can be a huge challenge...

Auto-Scan Feature

Use the auto-scan feature to automatically detect certain fields within your receipts, saving you and your employees time when reporting expenses.

Import Business/Personal Card Transactions

The system supports all major banks allowing you to add your personal or business card to receive your transactions in a live feed.

Setting Budgets

Set limits for your employees or departments so they don't go over set expenditure budgets.

Supported on

Desktop & Mobile

BM Expense is supported by Android, iOS, Mac and PC. Use the mobile app or desktop version to create or approve your expenses 

Custom Approval Hierarchy

Set custom approval hierarchies to allow multiple approval levels to suit any organisational structure

User Guides Exclusively for BM Clients

Our team have created bespoke user guides and videos to ensure you have the best possible experience

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Cloud HR

Our professional HR service extends to the total HR system for any organisation, small or large. Focussing on leave management, employee self service, performance/appraisal etc.

Employee Benefits

Bolt-on Employee benefits system with total reward systems, flexible benefits, wellness support etc. Developed by Black Mountain's in-house employee benefits consultants.


By using software which integrates seamlessly, we can sync your HR, Payroll and Expenses together, streamlining the process.

"As a business we have grown quickly and Black Mountain have supported us effectively through this phase. I look forward to working with BM in the future and the progressions that we can work on together to make our systems and processes even better."

Jill Duggan, Rutherford Health