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Survey: millennial workers value career progression and challenging responsibilities

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Social media company, Linkedin, conducted a survey on more than 13,000 millennial workers aged between 21 and 35 to gauge their career aspirations, and it was found that millennial workers are eager to see changes in their career pathway. 

Key highlights of the findings are as follows: 

1. 30% of the millennial workers surveyed expected to work for their current company for less than a year

2. 93% of Hong Kong millennial workers would like to learn more about job opportunities

3. 21% of respondents would like to try out a different industry

4. 64% of millennial workers rated work flexibility and staff benefits as their top concerns

The company has suggested strategies to attract millennial workers, which include leveraging social media platforms to engage job applicants at the outset, ensuring the hiring process is transparent, specifying career progression, and providing training and learning opportunities. 







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