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Survey: Around 50% Hong Kong accountants earn more than HK$600,000 per year

According to a recent survey conducted by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants polling its 3,748 members, salaries of Hong Kong accountants continued to rise in tandem with longer working hours. Key highlights of the survey are as follows:90% of respondents earned more than HK$ 300,000 per year while 49% earned over HK$600,000 per year, compared to the 45 % recorded in the last survey. 

- 84% of respondents received a pay rise while 79% received a bonus in 2016 

- 53% of respondents worked 50 hours or more per week on average, an increase of 10% compared with the last survey. During the first season of each year, the busiest time for the industry, 80% of respondents worked 50 hours or more, of whom 26% worked over 70 hours 

- 86% of employers indicated difficulty in recruitment while 88% found it difficult to retain their employees 

- 32% of the surveyed accountants indicated intention of changing jobs, a surge of 3% from the last survey 

- 17% of the surveyed accountants working at accounting firms wished to take up positions at private companies or NGOs







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