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Average annual salary of Hong Kong university graduates rises 2%

According to a report by University Grants Committee (UGC), the average annual salary of university graduates in Hong Kong in 2015/16 rose 2% compared to the previous year while the unemployment and underemployment rates went up. Key highlights of the report are as follows:

- Average annual salary of degree graduates rose 2% to HKD 228,000 compared to the previous year, with an average monthly salary of HK$19,000 

- Among the eight UGC-funded universities, graduates of The University of Hong Kong had the highest monthly salary at HK$ 23,250 in 2015/2016, up 6% from the previous year, followed by graduates from The Education University of Hong Kong (HK$ 22,583 per month), The Chinese University of Hong Kong(HK$ 21,583 per month), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(HK$ 19,000) 

- Graduates of Lingnan University had the lowest pay on average at HK$13,917 per month 

  • The unemployment rate and underemployment rate for graduates from UGC-funded universities for 2015/16 reached 2.3% and 5.8% respectively as compared to 1.9% and 5.8% in the previous year

Average annual salaries of graduates in different disciplines 

- Medical, Dental and Nursing (HK$ 415,000) 

- Sciences (HK$ 200,000) 

- Engineering and Technology (HK$ 212,000) 

- Business and Management (HK$ 210,000) 

- Social Science (HK$ 199,000) 

- Arts and Humanities (HK$ 189,000) 

- Education (HK$ 277,000)







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